In no particular order, here are some of my favourite actresses

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Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander is quickly becoming one of my favourite actresses. If you don’t yet know her; she starred 2015’s fantastic Ex Machina and The Danish Girl which, although I didn’t like as much, was all about Vikander. She holds an air of fragility that works really well in slightly more subdued roles so it’ll be interesting to see her in future roles.


Jennifer Lawrence

Ranking as 2015’s highest paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute powerhouse of an actress and someone who is justifiably in high demand at the minute. She has the depth to undertake various roles be it a reluctant symbol of hope in The Hunger Games or flat out crazy lady in American Hustle making her Hollywood’s current golden girl.


Helen Mirren

With over 120 roles to her filmography Dame Helen Mirren seems to have been in everything from animations to melodramas. What amazes me most about Mirren is her ability to look badass when firing a gun (see the RED films) which is enough for me to put her on this list but she also has the talent to back it up… she was even the Queen of England!


Judi Dench

I’m a sucker for actors/actresses who have great voices and that’s exactly what Judi Dench has. Add to that the self-confidence that shines through in all of her silver screen roles and she makes for a fantastic M in the Bond films. Go back further than that and she is often the stand out role in many a BBC and Hollywood Drama.


Emily Blunt

She is often name dropped when discussing potential leads for the Ms Marvel role (Marvel comics first lady) and I think that would be amazing because here is something about Emily Blunt that I just can’t put my finger on. It was Edge of Tomorrow that I first took notice of her but after Sicario as well i’m excited to see more of her.


Ellen Page

Ellen page is the darling of Indie films and the epitome of effortless cool because she just does what she does and does it well. Althouh, now i’ve said that she has probably lost some credibility! Anyway, she seems to have been relatively quiet since her starring role in Juno which is a shame. More coming soon I hope.


Natalie Portman

It’s unfortunate for Natalie Portman that the Star Wars prequels turned out to be steaming bags of turd because she was one of the most redeeming features of them. That said, just look at Leon if you need convincing that she is a great actress. Still not convinced? watch Black Swan? Still not convinced? You are dead inside.


Helena Bonham Carter

As far as acting goes, Helena Bonham Carter isn’t top of my list but she is more willing to take roles that go against the norm such as Planet of the Apes, Big fish, Fight Club and Dark Shadows. Because of her willingness to take on these roles I think she is one of the most interesting actresses (and even actors) to watch.


Sandra Bullock

I have to admit, I watched Speed and thought Sandra Bullock was gorgeous. Shallow, I know. Since Speed I avoided crap like Erin Brokovich or whatever until actually bothered to watch it and was surprised how good it was. I then saw The Blind Side, The Heat and Gravity and she secured her place here. Good actress, still gorgeous.


Meryl Streep

You know, I almost don’t want to put Maryl Streep on my list because she is one of these annoying people who is too good at what they do. It’s like watching Pete Sampras in his hey-day where you knew that he would win every tournament going. It’s the same with Meryl Streep. “Oh, she’s in another film? guess that’s next Oscar season wrapped up”