Bad Moms

Moms I’d Like to Forget

If I think about my mum being bad it would involve her having 2 glasses of wine, have a second helping of Jaffa Cakes or perhaps driving at 34 mph in a 30 mph zone.

She’s not exactly a badass. In fact my mum is the mumsiest of all mums so I think I found the idea of Bad Moms funnier than I found the film itself.

It’s not that the film isn’t funny – well it’s amusing – but you could replace “Moms” in the title with almost any other word and you’d still have the same film that works in exactly the same way.

Now, granted I don’t know what it’s like to squeeze a watermelon through a small hole in my body and nor do I gush with emotion when I look at one of those wiggly little crying things so perhaps I’m the wrong person to judge but this film doesn’t portray parenthood to me.

Amy (Mila Kunis) is a mum who tries to work a part time job but appears to work full time and is the only one keeping her family together. After finding Mike (David Walton), her husband, spanking the monkey over some random internet live chat hussy she figures it’s time to do what she wants for once. Along the way she drags repressed mum Kiki (Kristen Bell) and abhorrent mum Carla (Kathryn Hahn) along with her.

My mum works full time then cooks, cleans and probably wipes the arse of the lazy, retired, buffoon known as my dad. A man whose favourite past time is moaning about everything so yeah I get it; mum’s are great and deserve to let their hair down.

In Bad Moms they don’t become bad moms, they become awful, selfish humans. The comedy that unfolds from this concept is comparable to a fat-free version of The Hangover as they seemingly forget about any responsibility or even that they have kids in the first place.

The core notion of parenthood doesn’t seem to affect how they let their down nor does how they let their hair down really factor into their ability as parents but if you can overlook that, the film is OK.

The biggest laughs come from Carla who is a terrible, foul mouthed human who just want’s to get messed up and fuck everyone else. Literally and metaphorically. Kathryn Hahn is fantastic in her portrayal. Every time she was on screen was a highlight because you know that laughs are just around the corner.

Another highlight was the first scene where the mums first go rogue. It’s set in a convenience store and filmed in delightful slow motion. The mums peacock through the store, drinking and eating in the isles with careless abandon. All this is juxtaposed against everyday customers going about their business. Their confused and British-esque politely offended faces really helps to accentuate the stupidity of the situation.

Scenes like this are offset by the inclusion of a conflict with the PTA. This conflict is wedged in to flesh out what is otherwise a sparse and forgettable plotline.

The whole script and story needed a bit longer in the oven with greater clarity, focus and reliance on the very thing that this film promises: mums. In fact it’s only after the main film has finished – during the credits – that there is any sense of poignancy, reverence or focus on motherhood. If, however, you make a sharp exit as soon as the film ends I would totally understand.

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Hahn is hilarious
+ The convenience store scene
+ Post credit scene

– They don’t seem like mums
– Not as funny as it could have been
– PTA involvement seems forced



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