Finding Dory

Still A-Dory-ble

The great thing about Finding Dory is that it’s basically Finding Nemo complete with almost all the charm of the original film which, to me, is still the best animated film going. The bad thing about finding Dory is that the whole joke of having short-term memory loss starts to wear thing very quickly.

That said, what’s great about Finding Dory that it’s basically Finding Nemo complete with almost all the charm of the original film!

It’ll come as no surprise that writer/director Andrew Stanton cannot hit the heights of Finding Nemo neither in the quality of story-telling nor in its emotional resonance because the original was such a perfect slice of animation.

The story of Finding Dory is not so much a case of ‘finding’ in a physical sense but more in the sense of a gap year student taking a year off in Thailand to learn yoga, grow dreadlocks and generally find yourself, dude. It’s a promising concept but one that is difficult to connect with, especially when the main character keeps forgetting that that’s what she is trying to do.

What we are left with is a thoroughly entertaining tale but one that is less critical, less important, than that of its predecessor. It is important to remember that a lot of Nemo’s charm was its characters. In this respect Finding Dory is very much playing the same tuna.

It’s a good job that I’m not in charge of these characters otherwise you would have had an agoraphobic crab, a short tempered electric eel or a swordfish with tourettes. Not ideal for kids.

Thankfully I don’t make these decisions and we get Destiny who is an extremely short sighted whale in a sea life museum. Unlike Dory’s affliction Destiny’s actually becomes funnier and funnier as she continually smashes head first into the holding pen’s furniture.

For me though it’s Hank the Octopus who was the best addition to the gang. Hank is grumpy and devious enough to give his character depth but is soft enough to fall for Dory’s unrelenting, cheery optimism.

Hank also becomes the vehicle for most of the best action the film has to offer thanks to his unique dexterous shape-shifting, colour-changing ability. He’s able to use his prehensile appendages to open doors, grab objects and swing on whatever there is to swing from.

Maybe I’m suffering from memory loss as well (in fact I probably am, my memory is terrible) but I swear I have seen a cartoon of an escaping octopus pretending to be plants because these scenes were familiar, beautifully animated and even somehow comforting.

If you need another reason to go see Finding Dory then go see it for the absolutely stunning short that is being shown beforehand. It’s called Piper. It’s probably already on the yoochoobz and I highly recommend you give it a watch. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Even if you don’t watch the short be sure to check out Finding Dory complete with its fantastic new characters making it comparable to Finding Nemo complete with almost all the charm of the original film yet missing some of the necessity of it.

Wait… have I already said that?!

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Hank
+ Destiny
+ It’s beautiful
+ Piper – Short film

– The story isn’t as
– Memory loss humour wears thin



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