Ice Age: Collision Course

Extinction Imminent

The normal trend for most animated films seems to be that you create a decent original film, follow it up with a questionable sequel then just to call it Betty and milk it as hard as you can with straight to DVD films – let’s face it, kids will watch anything!

It’s quite impressive that Collision course is the 5th film in the Ice Age franchise to hit the big screen however, this feels very much like track 15 off of any greatest hits album because yeah; it’s Ice Age, but it offers nothing new.

The above is a really accurate analysis of the film so cue another 300 words of me waffling on like I’m trying to pad out a PowerPoint presentation!

If you have a child they will undoubtedly love this, there are funny animal characters and action scenes and Scrat chasing an acorn – it really is standard Ice Age stuff.

The most striking change to the series was that the focus wasn’t so much about the unlikely friendship between Sid (John Leguizamo), Diego (Dennis leary) and Manny (Ray Romano) which, in my book, was the most enjoyable part of the films.

Instead the story revolves around Manny’s family values whilst Sid sort of does his own thing and Diego is hardly even in it. In fact, Buck (Simon Pegg) who we first saw in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs plays a bigger part than Diego.

That’s almost a fair trade off because Buck is quite hilarious but it’s a bit like going to a Foo Fighters gig only to find out that it’s actually a Wu Tang Clan gig featuring the Foo Fighters – it’s just not quite what I was hoping for.

Because there isn’t a coherent narrative between the main protagonists the story doesn’t feel as tight as previous films but I suppose it doesn’t help that the idea of some animals managing to stop a massive comet from impacting the earth isn’t quite as grounded as the planet hitting an Ice Age.

Scrats adventures with his acorn follows this theme of the fantastical as he accidentally gets into a spaceship which forces him to moonwalk (not in the Michael Jackson sense) and battle varying degrees of face warping gravity (a bit like Michael Jackson ironically) in order to keep hold of his precious.

All in all I can’t help but wonder if this film Sid-nals the death of the series because it felt like the writers were Scrat-ching around in the dirt and finding very little inspiration… don’t worry i’ll Die-go now before I make too Manny other bad puns.

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Fun for kids
+ Standard Ice Age stuff

– Offers nothing new
– Feels like the death of the series
– UFO?!



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