Captain America: Civil War

Civil War. Huh. What is it good for?

If you are a fan of the comics and are expecting Civil War then think again. Civil War is Civil War more by name than by nature but thankfully that doesn’t make it a bad film. In fact it still miraculously manages to bring something fresh to the table even after what? Like 12… 15 Marvel films in?

One of the things that keeps it feeling fresh is that many of our intrepid heroes have been given upgrades. Hawkeye for one employs a wider range of trick arrows than we’ve seen before whilst Captain America has some sort of grappling hook and Falcon finally has his trusty Redwing only this is a miniature drone instead of a real falcon – A wise move for the cinematic universe.

These are small changes that keep the action of all too familiar characters feeling new and exciting but perhaps the biggest and most exciting change is the introduction of two special guests; Spiderman and Black Panther.

I’m sure you will hear a lot of chatter about whether this web slinger is the best incarnation yet – I have my doubts as I found him a bit annoying – but for me Black Panther was the real stand out. Sure, the action scenes were great but there is an incredible stage presence that commands your attention whenever the Panther is on screen. There is certainly a lot of promise, and now expectation, on the upcoming Black Panther movie.

These new characters add an extra dynamic to the inevitable battle between good and err… gooder in what is probably the best superhero brawl ever depicted on film.

The airport scene, where the main clash of the clans takes place, is chock full with innovation and moments for comic book geeks to fap over.

Moreover this scene is genuinely fun to watch and manages to balance all of the main characters without any of them feeling like a novelty act.

Now, if you are thinking this might be another avengers movie then think again, this is very much Cap’s film and very much his internal squabble with Iron Man. This means it lacks the grandeur of the Civil War comic. It’s a shame because this could have also been a truly great avengers film.

However it is good for setting up an interesting dynamic for future Marvel films in what has become the most amazingly well planned road map for a film franchise; continually dazzling audiences with apparent ease.

The aforementioned conflict between Cap and Iron Man needed to have driven a much wider wedge between the two characters. Sure, that relationship is fractured but it doesn’t feel like it is beyond repair. If they had gone further to break the trust between the characters it would provide a fantastic backdrop to Infinity War which promises to be the Avengers biggest threat yet.

The growing conflict between our two heroes means that Robert Downey Jnr brings a performance that is much more sullen than we are used to leaving the light hearted humour to be injected by Spidey and Ant-Man. It’s a bit like talking to your funniest friend after they’ve had a car crash.

This dower personality is exposed the more that Cap goes against him and similarly the more the film goes on which means that the ending is an anti-climax, especially after the spectacle of the airport scene.

Captain America: Civil War doesn’t hit the heights of The Winter Soldier but it does bring some fresh new faces and promises fans that there is a whole lot more fun, excitement and eye-blistering action to come. I for one cannot wait.

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Superhero upgrades
+ Black Panther
+ The fly airport scene

– Rift isn’t deep enough
– Finale feels a bit bland compared to earlier scenes
– Spidey was a bit annoying



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