Zoolander 2

Fashion Faux Pas

When I first saw the original Zoolander I hated it. Not sure why but I thought it was more garbage than tanker ship full of Biffa bins. Then, a year or so later I found myself buying the DVD.

No idea how it happened but I found myself laughing hysterically at the portrayal of what is probably the world’s most pretentious and vacuous industries.

So along came Zoolander 2 and I have to say… I didn’t like it. Indeed, it wasn’t just me because no-one in our screening laughed apart from the 2 people who scoffed at the screen as they walked out half way through.

The plot of Zoolander 2 is terrible. It focuses on the return of Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) after years of solitude. Zoolander returns to find his son and get’s involved with Hansel in some sort of crazy plot to find the chosen one:  someone more beautiful than when a bald eagle attacked Donald Trump.

I mean sure, the original was kind of stupid but it played on making clever comedy out of a character who happens to be incredibly stupid. It riffs off of the vapid nature and stupidity of the fashion industry whilst also trying to say “hey, it’s not that bad and it has it’s place”.

In Zoolander 2 the only ounce of social commentary is to brazenly state that fashion is a young man’s game. Well… obviously!

Other than that the film points out that the fashion industry and by extension people’s tastes move on over time. Well… obviously!

I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem if the film were actually funny but, as mentioned above, it really isn’t. There are very few moments where you feel like Zoolander is being Zoolander. That unique brand of stupidty is really turned down with only fleeting glimpses of what made the original great as most of the gags miss the mark.

Interestingly it’s the lead characters that are the one’s that let this film down the most especially when compared to a supporting cast comprising of Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig who were the funniest components of this film.

Whether it’s simply the hair of Mugatu (Ferrell) or seeing Alexanya Atoz (Wiig) floating across the floor you can’t help but love these characters. It’s a shame that the rest of the film and the rest of the characters, to varying degrees, don’t live up to this.

In totality this feels like a film that is so out of fashion that it isn’t funny and at times, it struggles to be even entertaining so my advice would be to leave this on the hanger and go watch something else instead. You do realise Deadpool is out right?!

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Kristen Wiig
+ Will Ferrell

– Zoolander
– Rubbish plot
– Just… not that funny



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