Ride Along 2

Move Along

Objectively, Ride Along 2 is a bad film. The story is bare bones and forgettable, it’s not hilarious because the script is at best middling, the soundtrack doesn’t particularly stand out and the camera work is marginally better than average.

That said, I quite enjoyed Ride along 2.

I believe this is because Kevin Hart’s brand of comedy still feels fresh and interesting. When he is paired with Ice Cube’s ‘angry black man’ performance the plucky, slapstick, underdog traits that Hart is so adept at portraying are highlighted and accentuated.

It’s a good thing too because the plot feels as structured as an explosion in a jam factory. James Peyton (Ice Cube) and Ben “Blackhammer” Barber (Kevin Hart) are chasing some guy and there was an encrypted thing so they had to go to Miami to meet a hacker, perhaps.

Once there they meet Maya (Olivia Munn) sort of shows up and there is a bad dude and a port, maybe some drugs or a gun and something about a safe house or whatever: as you can see, the plot is gripping!

Strangely, there is a sub plot of Ben needing to get home in time for his impending wedding which was actually better developed than the main storyline to the extent that the main Miami based storyline ends up feeling like a segway for the sole reason of providing a dramatic backdrop to the wedding.

It’s almost like the wedding was the main story and the Miami trip was bolted on afterwards as a reason to have beaches and palm trees and nice cars.

There isn’t a whole lot to differentiate this from any other mediocre film with perhaps the exception of a car chase scene which is computer generated to make it look like the computer game that Ben is currently obsessed with.

I wish the makers had doubled down with this scene by flipping cars, driving on pavements or going over jumps. Because Ben sees the road as a video game it would have allowed for fantastical elements to be coupled with the ordinary without the need for relentless laws and logic that plague real life and stop you riding flying unicons that poop skittles.

This car chase scene is, of course, much less ridiculous and therefore much less fun than it should have been. Unfortunately, this is a theme that is common throughout the whole film. There are many scenes could have been hilarious but end up feeling very flat.

That’s not to say the whole film is dull. There are more than enough moments to keep your attention even if they won’t make you cry with laughter. The best of these was probably the post wedding scene which is unfortunately right at the end of the film but a close encounter with a crocodile at a soiree was a close second.

I guess you could say that crocodile was a real… party animal. I hate myself sometimes.

Overall, there is no getting away from the fact that Ride Along 2 is a fun but dismissible film. It’s not quite as good as the first Ride Along and relies on many of the same visual jokes but it is decent enough for a casual and entertaining road trip to the cinema.

The Good, The Bad and The Outcome:

+ Hart and Cube’s chemistry
+ Fun
+ The final wedding scene

– Forgettable plot
– Not overtly funny
– Computer game scene



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