Steve Jobs

Get Your Retinas on This Display

As a product, both the first Macintosh and the Steve Jobs film were actually pretty decent yet both of these have been a commercial failure.

I regularly look at video game/entertainment website called IGN and in one of their article’s comments section I found people saying “He was an asshole. Why would I want to watch a film about him?”, ” I don’t want to give money to Apple or Steve Jobs” and “I have no interest in his life”, ” There are too many films about him” and “Fassbender doesn’t even look like Jobs”

Those are the more sensible comments I could extract from the childish screaming of the video game community so let’s quickly address these in case you fall into one of the above.

Fassbender. No, he doesn’t really look like Steve Jobs but that’s probably because he is Michael Fassbender and not Steve Jobs. Suspend your disbelief for a second and what lies beneath is an amazingly talented actor who even had the appraisal of Steve Wozniak for the accuracy of his on screen persona.

Apple. I get it, you don’t like Apple but don’t worry the money isn’t going directly to them, they aren’t going to stack it high, set it on fire to it and laugh maniacally whilst wearing manacles, although that does sound fun!

Jobs. Yes, he was an asshole and a bully and probably a sociopath but if you’ve read this far then you know that this is wonderfully portrayed by Fassbender.

In fact, if you scratch beneath the surface, Steve Jobs isn’t really about Steve Jobs and the film isn’t really a film.

I can hear you scratching your heads but let me explain. The film doesn’t follow a chronological narrative of Steve Jobs it is actually the story of how the Macintosh flopped and how Jobs’ next (no pun intended) project flopped before the eventual success of the iMac. All this happens to feature Steve Jobs as our main protagonist.

The film is also curiously broken out into 3 distinct acts that cover the short periods of time before a product launch. The locations for these acts are so limited that it is presented more like a theatre play than a film.

With Danny Boyle at the helm it is easy for Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen to also excel as Steve Jobs, Joanna Hoffman and Steve Wozniak respectively but they never manage to eclipse the fantastic script written by Aaron Sorkin.

At times this film will leave you behind due to the sheer volume of words that are being hurled at you from the stage/screen but the beauty of it is that absolutely none of it is filler. Every word has been carefully sculpted to delve into the inner workings of Apple, Steve Jobs’ mind and any periphery relationships.

The complexity of how Steve Jobs schemes, plots and plans to meet his corporate goals and their effects on those around him feels like a steady, continuous crescendo throughout which is an amazing achievement given there are essentially only 3 scenes.

There is quite a brutal portrayal of how dismissive he is of not only his staff – the people that are the foundations of his success – but also his child who turns out to be the foundation of his humanity. Jobs is depicted as a merciless bulldozer that managed to identify a market that no-one thought was there

No matter what your predisposition is with Apple or with Steve Jobs you shouldn’t pass over this film. Sure, it’s almost everything you already know about Apple, the Macintosh and Steve jobs but follows the ideology of the company by wrapping it’s complexities in a nice user friendly interface.

Go See

  • Fantastic script
  • Well paced
  • Intriguing narrative structure


  • Too many of them words to listen to
  • Fassbender doesn’t look like Jobs
  • Not really about Steve Jobs




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