The Bad Education Movie

C+ Good Effort

Hmmm. What’s the best way to describe The Bad Education Movie? I guess you could say that it’s like tourettes.

It is unexpectedly funny every now and again when it is loud and in your face but otherwise its not something you should laugh at.

For those who don’t know; Bad Education is a British sitcom about an ‘unorthodox’ history teacher called Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) and the under achievers in Class K.

The film’s starts out with Wickers initiating class wars which is an anything-goes battle re-enactment. The kids are painting their faces, building forts out of tables and making swords and shields out of anything else they can find – all in the name of education obviously.

Although this isn’t particularly hilarious on its own it does give new viewers a useful insight into why the series is called bad education.

This scene also serves another purpose though and that is to set up one of the films many set pieces.

These set pieces are, without question, the continued highlight of the film. Class wars was my favourite. It ends with a disgruntled parents walking in on the inappropriate teaching technique and being ‘attacked’ by the class hamster.

This outrageous scene still makes me chuckle. If not for the soundtrack which is normally reserved for rockets launching into space then definitely close up of the little rodents stupid, confused face.

I couldn’t help but wonder though if the makers had the general plot sorted and then tried to pad or the rest of the film around these set pieces because the rest of the film is flat by comparison.

The story continues with Wickers wanting to let his graduating pupils go out with a bang by talking them on a bat shit crazy school trip.

Because of ‘hamstergate’ Mrs Poulter (Joanna Scanlan) – mum to one of the pupils – demands to join the trip to keep it from derailing and being more bonkers than you can shake a Dizzie Rascal at.

Having Mrs Poulter join the trip is understandable from a plot point of view and although Scanlan is totally believable in her role as an overbearing fun sponge it also stops the characters indulging in what makes the set pieces funny; madness.

If the film was clever enough to show that Wickers’ teaching methods has inadvertantly been of use to the kids or if the film developed characters and relationships in a way that you wanted to invest in then trying to keep the film grounded in reality would make sense.

Unfortunately The Bad Education Movie does neither of these particularly well because the plot is sparse and forgettable at best.

With this in mind it’s a shame that it doesn’t just fully embrace the chaos that makes the set pieces so funny even if this was at the expense of the plot. Instead the film wrestles with the plot, trying to wedge it in like a fat person versus a wet suit.

I haven’t watched enough of the TV series to say whether this is a worthy addition to the continuity but it’s not good enough to make me want to go back and watch through the various seasons.

That said, The Bad Education Movie has its moments of hilarity. There are enough of them to keep you entertained most of the way through but all in all, I’d rather watch The Inbetweeners.


Go See

  • School Hamster
  • Set pieces
  • It you are a fan of the TV show


  • A bit dull between the set pieces
  • The plot
  • Not a very satisfying potential end to class K




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