Pitch Perfect 2

An off-key sequel

This isn’t just a sequel, this is a sequel to a comedy film so, you know…hmm. I want to like it, I really do, but this film is just not aimed at me.

Personally I care as much about pop-star celebrity culture as Sepp Blatter cares about FIFA being an honest and respectable organisation. I think that is my biggest stumbling block. Any film about people becoming famous for singing is instantly a turn off. That said I will try and be as impartial as I can be.

I fucking hate Rebel Wilson… jesus, this impartiality thing is harder than I thought. OK, lets try this again. Normally I really don’t like Rebel Wilson I feel that most of her comedy is quite forced and of course she always has to play “the goofy fat one”. I was totally uninspired by her in Bridesmaids, she was one of the worst characters in Night at the Museum 3 but actually she had some of the best lines in Pitch Perfect 2 and were often the best delivered.

Obviously Anna Kendrick as Beca is the poster child for Pitch perfect but I couldn’t help but find her all too forgettable. If it wasn’t for Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Ester Dean as Cynthia and the Barden Bellas’ nemesis Das Sound Machine the film would have been as interesting as cheese grating my eyelids.

The film gets some laughs so cheap you could find them on sale in Poundland with John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizebeth Banks) playing radio hosts and quipping about other acts and performers. Unfortunately this is a high brow and innovative as succumbing to basic racial sterotypes. By the end of the film I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear them say “har de har derp – look a towel head!” or “Yellow man has the slitty eye”. Seriously, the scripting is terrible.

Thankfully there is a lot more subtlety to the characters listed above and in places it can be quite amusing.

Das Sound Machine are probably the best thing in the film even if they too fit in to a generic stereotype. They are German so of course their musical style is electro inspired. The banter they bring is uptight and very literal. They are wearing black leathers and string vests and their performances are all well choreographed, on time and err… Efficient.

That sounds a little bit rubbish but the energy that they bring to the screen is a guilty pleasure and actually brings me to my next point. Das Sound Machine actually sound quite good and have a quite decent show. The Barden Bellas don’t. At best they are average, pitch perfect they aren’t.

Admittedly their final performance is quite a touching performance. No. Touching is the wrong word but its nice enough. Even so it wasn’t enough to make me care about the group.

If you are a fourteen year old girl then it might be an awesome and hilarious film but I’m not one and never have been one so I found it overall a bit dull and boring. Go see Mad Max instead!

Go See

  • Das Sound Machine
  • If you are fourteen and a girl


  • The script is garbage
  • Jokes that rely on basic racial stereotypes
  • Barden Bella’s just aren’t that good




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