Big Hero 6

Little big Hiro

Have a kid? Well take them to see this film? Don’t have a kid? Well steal one and take them to see this film because whether you are an adult or a child there is a lot to love about this film entertained all through this film.

Big Hero 6 was a bit of an unknown entity to me until 4 months ago. I’d never heard of the film and I’d never heard of the comic that the film is inspired by but I only needed 2 minutes of trailer to see how adorable Baymax is to set my anticipation higher than Felix Baumgartner.

So for those who don’t know – presumably most people – the film focuses on Hiro Hamada a young genius in the field of robotics who sinks into a depression after his brother dies in fire. After realising that there is perhaps someone responsible for his brothers death he sets out to find those responsible. This is done with the help of his friends; Honey Lemon, Go-Go, Fred, Wasabi and more importantly, Baymax!

Ah Baymax; the sole reason you have to see this film. Well, not quite, but near enough. Baymax is a medical robot designed by Hiro’s brother but is covered with inflatable vinyl to make the robot less threatening.

Baymax is slightly podgy, runs like a toddler and when added to his minimalist design aesthetic he is one of the most endearing animated characters I’ve ever seen. His charm runs deeper than just his looks though. It’s the way he moves by trying to be conscious of his environment even though his portly stature doesn’t often allow it. Whilst physical comedy is the thing that makes Baymax stand out he takes everything literally which gives plenty of scope for fun and witty dialogue between Baymax and Hiro.

If you imagine a cross between a toddler, an inflatable armchair, C-3Po you have a decent pre-conception of Baymax.

The two characters quickly become inseparable and the way that this friendship evolves comes close to pulling on those tear ducts. Yet outside of these main 2 characters the rest of the group aren’t given enough time to develop. When first introduced I found the other four members positively irritating but what little character development there is did thaw my skepticism to them by the end. The problem is that the main two characters are so mesmerising that even characters that are “OK” become lost and bland as a result.

It’s not just the other characters that were a bit of a let down. Some of the animation style was a little too similar to The Incredibles most notably how Aunt Cass had a similar look to Elastagirl but the whole city of San Fransokyo also felt too familiar. It’s almost as if Disney had taken a Pixar blueprint and simply copied it in to the film. Of course by saying that I am only giving the film a back handed compliment given how strong the Pixar back catalogue is.

There is one character whose striking design really does stand out and that is our main villain. The look has Japanese manga written all over it and I loved it. The fact that the character is silent and always wearing a kabuki mask and long trench coat makes personifies the domineering figure that a villain should be.

Unfortunately I can’t say much more without stepping into a spoiler minefield whilst wearing magnetic boots but I can touch upon the “super-power” that grants the power to control very small objects. This makes for some stunning animated sequences as the villain can create an almost unlimited range of shapes and creations that, again, wouldn’t feel out of place in Japanese manga. These small objects also provide a visual barrage of tiny particle effects and with so much going on at any one time it is impossible to get bored when the kabuki mask gets screen time.

This is the first Disney animation to utilise any of Marvel’s intellectual property that lays a great foundation for a bigger better sequel. Whilst it is by no means bad It’s also not the big hero 6 out of 5 I was anticipating.

Go See

  • Baymax
  • Kabuki masked villain
  • Hiro and Baymax’s secret handshake. Worth the entry fee alone!


  • Aunt Cass’ is a bit
  • We don’t see a whole lot of the other 4 friends
  • An animation style that you have probably seen before




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