Horrible Bosses 2

Development Review Needed

In one of my first jobs I worked in WHSmith as a general Sales Assistant. I was on the “Media” counter and I vividly remember getting all new stock priced up and shelved in good time. On my own impetus I would go into the stock room and replenish empty shelves with current stock and where I could, put out a load of old stock in the hope that we could get rid of excess.

That was my area done. I then went to the stock room on the other side of the shop and started replenishing the stationary, and the cards, and the printer toner the magazines. That was someone else’s area done. After I had done all of that I’d sit around and have a chat.

So when I got pulled in to a meeting with my boss who told me that “other staff has mentioned that you are not doing any work and just chatting instead” I wondered how much trouble I’d get in if I stabbed everyone within a 5 mile radius with a rusty shovel… probably quite a lot.

In my opinion only a few people were actually doing work and everyone else was just sort of ambling by. That’s kind of how I see Horrible Bosses 2. There were a few of the cast members who were actually funny and the rest were indifferent.

Kevin Spacey reprises his role as the foul mouthed boss of Jason Bateman, only he is in jail after the events of the first film and it’s fun to see him monologuing at the camera and really going off on one. Jennifer Aniston also reprises her sex-addicted dentist role and manages to swing through her lines fully straight faced.

The main trio of Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are the focal point of all the comedy but to me this all falls rather flat. Whilst the synergy of the trio is spot on, most of the lines are mildly amusing at best and rely on continued overlapping ramblings as the comedy mechanism. It’s fine for a while but in the end I found it tiring and annoying.

The main story is that the above trio try to start their own company and get screwed over by their main buyer and new boss Christoph Waltz. In order to re-coup their losses they hatch a plan to kidnap Waltz’ son and hold him for ransom, which is a rather unimaginative and disappointing.

I realise the fist film was about murdering their bosses so I should expect stupid ideas but kidnapping for ransom has been done before and done better. Unfortunately Horrible Bosses 2 doesn’t provide any fresh ideas in this respect.

The best part of the film was the rather eccentric Chris Pine with his photoshopped eyes. Seriously, how are they that blue? Might have a little man crush going on. Pine plays Waltz’ son and goes from being a cool and suave boss to a jock to an evil genius to an emotional cry baby to a full on a-hole.

Along with Pine’s character the film, as a whole, get’s better as it goes along with the run up to the ending being the most entertaining part. The crew end up in a car chase that brings fresh ideas to the film, notably jumping past a moving train to avoid the tailing police cars only to realise that they wanted the cops to follow so they reverse back towards the train and wait for it to pass before the action kicks in again.

Ultimately though the laughs are too few and far between to make this a truly memorable comedy. The cinematography is OK, the soundtrack is OK, the script is OK, the acting is OK. The film is OK, it just feels a little under-developed.

Go See

  • Bosses steal the show
  • Still a good chemistry between the main three actors
  • The ending


  • Obvious plot devices
  • Overlapping dialogue gets tiring
  • Not many laughs to be had




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