The Guest

Door bell’s ringing but no-ones home

Ugh. Where to start? I guess we will start with the sound production; it’s awful, or to be more precise the music is awful. It doesn’t fit the feel of the film, it’s too loud in places, it’s not enjoyable it’s just intrusive. If you were to transplant the soundtrack to any low budget 80’s action movie then you might think it was a great soundtrack but it really has no place in this film.

The acting isn’t great either although you get the feeling that it might not necessarily be the actors fault. The reason I say this is because the film is desparately trying to be Drive.

Dan Stevens stars as Ryan Gosling err… I mean David who arrives unexpectedly at the Patterson family house claiming to be a friend of their son who died in the line of duty.

David is deliberately aloof and cold in the same way Gosling’s character is in Drive. This quiet introverted guy explodes into ultra – violence and then leaves as calmly as he arrived. This is where the film is at its best, when David physically or verbally puts down other people you would almost be forgiven for thinking the film was actually pretty decent.

The pacing of the film is too fast to accentuate David’s calculated nature making it really difficult to invest much interest in his character. Sub par acting from the rest of the Patterson family makes it hard to care what happens to them either. It’s a shame really because the film has a lot of promise and what could have been an interesting concept to explore.

Have you seen that funny picture, which sometimes circles the interweb, of beautiful pencil drawn tiger face? It’s funny because the artist’s boyfriend decided to ‘complete’ the picture only for it to look like a primary school drawing? No? Well here it is: Tiger

That picture is a perfect analogy for this film. It starts good but you are left with an ending designed by a 5 year old. Without spoiling the movie; David isn’t quite what he made himself out to be and it means that people are hunting him down. Who these people are and why they are hunting him is dealt with in about 3 minutes so if you didn’t pay attention then the plot becomes nonsensical. Also, the location of the finale is so far removed from the rest of the film it’s just bonkers. It feels more like a scene from a horror movie than a gritty drama.

Unfortunately that’s not all. The absolute worst part is the very end of the film which made me want to punch myself in the face for ever thinking this might be a really, really good film… then I wanted to punch the boyfriend for ever finishing that damn tiger in the first place!

Go See

  • Powerful fight scenes
  • Entertaining first half
  • Cool bar scene


  • bland characters
  • Ropey plot
  • Terrible ending




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