Into The storm

Let’s Twist Again!

Who doesn’t love a good disaster movie? You can sit back and enjoy some crazy visual effects, people screaming, loose plot lines and at the end of it you can safely say “well that would totally suck if it actually happened”.

I think I got about 15 minutes in before I was firmly convinced that being anywhere near a tornado would suck… really fucking suck. I guess that is the easiest starting point, let’s face it you aren’t going to watch this film for the emotional drama are you?! because if you then prepare to be massively disappointed.

Seeing those tornadoes tear open buildings like a fat man tearing open a packet of crisps was truly a terrifying experience. The physics of people floating around in the wind or being sucked out of buildings was excellent. The sound design of the tornadoes only adds to the gravity of the situation so praise should go to the sound department.

Like most disaster movies the plot is simple. Tornadoes happen, they are bigger and more numerous than they expected, everyone tries to survive. It’s all put together through ‘found footage’ of people filming the events that have happened. Thankfully the found footage isn’t shaky hand cam stuff like you see in the Blair Witch Project or something similar because that now feels about as fresh as 3 week old milk.

Even though this approach is rather worn out it does help to take off some of the Hollywood gloss from the movie and that’s a good thing. Arguably it is still too glossy but if it did the full grainy shaky camera stuff it would have lost it’s impact so I guess it strikes a good balance in the end.

Apart from the main plot the films biggest failings are when people try to open up about their feelings. These dialog sections feel forced and wedged in to the script but it doesn’t help that there is little emotional investment in most of the characters. This also has the knock on effect in that you don’t really care about who lives or dies, but who lives and who dies? It could be anyone and that not knowing keeps you interested throughout the whole film.

Go See

  • Genuinely terrifying visuals
  • Excellent sound design
  • Firenado!


  • The rather woeful emotional moments
  • Found footage feels a bit tired
  • If you live in a stormy area!




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